The Fiction of Virtual Dating

Recently, I’ve taken up a new obsession with fiction. Not so much reading fiction, but mostly, talking about reading fiction. Organizing & researching a list of reading fiction (seriously, I have no idea how anyone reads more than 10 books a year). Even adding reading fiction to my dating app prompts. I even started researching local bookstores not named Amazon or Barnes & NobleContinue reading “The Fiction of Virtual Dating”

Working in The Dating Industry Could Not Prepare Me For The Challenges of Pandemic Dating

For someone who has yet to leave New York City during COVID-19, quarantine has had a few ups (family time and career progress), a few downs (RIP nightlife), and more often than not, romantic loneliness (yep, I said it). in partnership with @halfthestory (originally on Medium) As a producer and co-host of NY-based live blind datingContinue reading “Working in The Dating Industry Could Not Prepare Me For The Challenges of Pandemic Dating”

Why La Casa de Papel Has My Wheels Turning

I don’t know why I’m so enthralled by La Casa de Papel (I’m not even going near the English-version of the name, Money Heist, because it’s a sin how that was approved here in the US). After all, it has nothing in common with my top-two scripted shows on TV right now, the  universally acclaimedContinue reading “Why La Casa de Papel Has My Wheels Turning”

The Meaning of Adventure

Argentina + Salsa + Frequent Google Maps usage + WhatsApp FaceTime Yoga = my last two weeks of dating. Insert black jeans and that’s probably me. Some would call the above combo more similar to a college-age study abroad program and others, well, they would instantly think “this dude needs to just move to Europe or something.”Continue reading “The Meaning of Adventure”

A Blind Date My Future Grandkids Will Learn About

A tale of live poetry, Elvish language lessons, and too many blindfolds There she goes again… I did it. Finally did it. No, I did not make it a week without getting ghosted for date #2, and no, I didn’t break the news to my parents that I completely forgot about Hanukkah. Something more important happened,Continue reading “A Blind Date My Future Grandkids Will Learn About”

The Most Traumatic Two-Date, One Week Adventure of My Life

Energy. I’ve been using this word a ton lately when it comes to dating. It’s the abstract fourth category of matching with someone that arguably means more than all of the others combined (if we’re using personality, looks, and timing as the other three). via (cecile_hoodie) The tricky piece with energy — is that when it translates toContinue reading “The Most Traumatic Two-Date, One Week Adventure of My Life”

Consumer Trends I’m Noticing

Read below the massive vertical photo for my thoughts on how the digital & physical media worlds are colliding and other trends you should know. Localization Brand & publishers are starting to take the Anthony Bourdain approach with local marketing. Cities are rising in popularity. One of the most common questions we hear when we travel:Continue reading “Consumer Trends I’m Noticing”

UpDating is The Future of Broadway and Dating

Introducing UpDating: the live first date experience involving an interactive audience. Almost here… ****Originally published in so figured I’d share the goods**** Forget everything The Thirty Something Man has taught you about dating. Forget everything he has taught you about Broadway shows. Coincidentally, he’s taught you nothing on both subjects. UpDating is going toContinue reading “UpDating is The Future of Broadway and Dating”

There are more distractions to find new friends in NYC then there are in San Francisco.

There are more distractions to find new friends in NYC then there are in San Francisco. High school friends, college friends, camp friends, insert other jewish youth group from childhood friends et al. Notwithstanding family, there are quite a few cliques already in existence a northeastern heeb like myself can pick when moving to NewContinue reading “There are more distractions to find new friends in NYC then there are in San Francisco.”