The Meaning of Adventure

Argentina + Salsa + Frequent Google Maps usage + WhatsApp FaceTime Yoga = my last two weeks of dating. Insert black jeans and that’s probably me. Some would call the above combo more similar to a college-age study abroad program and others, well, they would instantly think “this dude needs to just move to Europe or something.”Continue reading “The Meaning of Adventure”

The Most Traumatic Two-Date, One Week Adventure of My Life

Energy. I’ve been using this word a ton lately when it comes to dating. It’s the abstract fourth category of matching with someone that arguably means more than all of the others combined (if we’re using personality, looks, and timing as the other three). via (cecile_hoodie) The tricky piece with energy — is that when it translates toContinue reading “The Most Traumatic Two-Date, One Week Adventure of My Life”

The Week Away From Her

Another edition of my dating saga usually (if I remember) featured in the Brunch Media Newsletter I don’t have a dog, but this seemed fitting. In soccer (and many other sports), there is a common part of the match called momentum. When forwards sense it, they will push upwards towards the ’18 & press the defenseContinue reading “The Week Away From Her”

The “Fresh Start”

So where were we? Ah, right,I just had the pleasure of getting called by a different man’s name in *her apartment. Naturally, I followed this up with the only course of action I know: inviting her to an EDM concert with my friends. Of course, leading up to this EDM concert (this time, Two Friends)Continue reading “The “Fresh Start””