Storyteller. Producer. Humorist.

Omg. You are here. On my website. No way, really? Okay, you have to be if you’re reading this.

harrison solo 3Well, you made it to the most neurotic place on the internet…okay, maybe not the most neurotic but a place of questioning, a place of love, comfort, funny tribes, art I’m consuming, healthy habits I’m attempting, old gems from my time “studying abroad” on the West Coast, and other goodies to-be-decided-at-a-later-date. Honestly, this will be all-encompassing, because, lately, I feel like I have so much more to say than the 2-3 (on average) Instagram stories I post every other day.

Oh and if you don’t know who I am or what I do, that makes two of us. Kidding (most of the time)…I’m one of the creators of the popular UpDating, a producer, marketer & lifestyle writer (okay, yes, a little on dating too), NYC resident (by way of childhood in New Jersey, college in Michigan, and early 20’s existential crises in San Francisco), loving son & brother (shoutout David, Lisa, and Sydney), former Facebook employee & techie, and perpetual fan of energy, connection, and vibes (insert Edison Bulb reference).

I’ve also been featured in some rad places (Washington Post, Elite Daily, Business Insider, CNBC, TODAY Show, Time Out New York, InsideHook, #HalftheStory, PopSugar and the podcasts WeMetatAcme & Drinks First). Most importantly, I was voted Best-Dressed in High School, Top 50 Millennial to Watch in 2019 (whatever that means), and the most hopelessly romantic fella in my friend group of four.


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