The Meaning of Adventure

Argentina + Salsa + Frequent Google Maps usage + WhatsApp FaceTime Yoga = my last two weeks of dating. Insert black jeans and that’s probably me. Some would call the above combo more similar to a college-age study abroad program and others, well, they would instantly think “this dude needs to just move to Europe or something.”Continue reading “The Meaning of Adventure”

OMG I Volunteered and Loved It

Smoke in the room. When I was of the ripe old age of 12, I was one year away from the date I was promised by multiple rabbis, parents, and friends would be the moment I throw out all of those childlike antics and become a man. Of course, I’m referring to every young boy’s dreamContinue reading “OMG I Volunteered and Loved It”

What to do when you hear “I Don’t Want a Relationship”

The Morning Bun: Quick blurbs with a fresh take on our young professional lives that we would probably share over mimosas…if it were not a weekday. “We need to talk” A common question some people ask me is what to say when you hear early on while you’re dating someone a few scary words: “Just so youContinue reading “What to do when you hear “I Don’t Want a Relationship””