A Blind Date My Future Grandkids Will Learn About

A tale of live poetry, Elvish language lessons, and too many blindfolds There she goes again… I did it. Finally did it. No, I did not make it a week without getting ghosted for date #2, and no, I didn’t break the news to my parents that I completely forgot about Hanukkah. Something more important happened,Continue reading “A Blind Date My Future Grandkids Will Learn About”

UpDating is The Future of Broadway and Dating

Introducing UpDating: the live first date experience involving an interactive audience. Almost here… ****Originally published in thethirtysomethingman.com so figured I’d share the goods**** Forget everything The Thirty Something Man has taught you about dating. Forget everything he has taught you about Broadway shows. Coincidentally, he’s taught you nothing on both subjects. UpDating is going toContinue reading “UpDating is The Future of Broadway and Dating”