Eventful Week

OMG. Well, this was an eventful week in my so-called “romantic situation.”

The week started off well as far as our social media exchanges go. It began with the Glasses emoji on a Monday, 2–3 snaps on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, the rare, yet critical, Twitter DM (actually not kidding). We were doing our best to keep in touch without seeing each other building up to my conceived plan: taking her out to a DJ with my squad.

Then on Wednesday night, there was a sudden burst of energy in my disposition: I was ready to break the rules and do it. What was I about to do? The spontaneous plan to “hang out” — a huge turning point once you begin seeing someone. Now, this was no “hey u up?,” rather, an important ask via Snapchat at 7pm with the caption “Let’s play tonight.” What exactly did I mean by play, you ask? Well, honestly, I was down to clown, go out, stay in, FaceTime — there were, frankly, a wide array of options at our fingertips.

Lo and behold, a response: “Yas, let’s do something. Dancing?”

Oh, it’s on.

A shower, three shirt changes, and one Galantis song later, the Uber was called and I was on my way (across town) to her pad. Entering her room, the music (this time, French jazz) was blasting, the shots were pouring, and we had a 1:1 pregame going on.

As certain actions progressed, we were about to head to the bar when the unthinkable occurred…I was inadvertently called a different man’s name (won’t be revealed for privacy purposes).

“Huh?” I immediately responded.

HER: “Oh, nevermind. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Me: “Um, okay?”

HER: “Well, we’re not exclusive right?”

Heart dropped. Music bumped. Massively awkward silence permeated the room.

Me: “I mean, no. We’re not.”

Me (silently): Not yet.

Me (again): “Who is <Insert Name You Really Never Want To Hear Again>? An Ex or something?”

Her: “Not really.”

Then, it became clear, she was informing me, accidentally, of the fact that there is another man in the recent picture. Not sure how big this picture is, whether it’s a Monet, a Renoire, or even a Van Gogh, but it was clear, this was no Dadaism.

Granted, seeing someone else at an early juncture is perfectly legal. She can, for all intensive purposes, see other people. It’s only been a month. Where she erred, IMO, is crossing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of an early romantic adventure.

Do your thing. I’ll do mine. We’ll do ours. But let’s separate church and state. Capeesh?

Besides the confusion on when she actually saw <Insert Name You Really Never Want To Hear Again> throughout the week given our frequent visits AND comms, I was certainly taken off guard.

I liked her, better yet, I do like her. But certainly, this was by no means an ideal situation on my end.

Now, what was I to do in response? Steep in melancholy? Move on? Download ye old apps?

Nah, I decided to go in a different direction, what most of my friends decided was probably not the best idea…

Invite her out with all of my best friends to said DJ from above.

#YOLO, I suppose?

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