Founder’s Dating Situation

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Most startup founders will keep you updated with their often interesting, yet mostly generic, journey of building their business. It’s cool, sure, but it’s been done. Many times. Here with BM, I’m taking a different approach. In this section of our newsletter, I’ll keep you updated on the table topic of a generation: my dating situation (with general dabs of life neuroticism).

With that said….I think I’m kind of, potentially, possibly seeing someone and shall I say, she is dopppppe. Not only do we share the same love for hot yoga, cheesy French romance novels, and #brunch, but we’re vibing, people! It’s been three-ish weeks, close to five dates (okay, she was out of town for a week, cut me a break), and at least 12 different emojis (highlighted by my inaugural use of 🏄).

Now, these are all fine and dandy (and yes, our Netflix movie deliberation needs some work), but what’s most exciting to me is the ambiguity. For those who know me, I barely know what’s happening in an hour, let alone, the future of seeing someone. So as we plan out future salsa dancing, Napa trips, and the occasional ethnic cuisine, I’m trying not to stress, to overthink, to go batshit crazy over what the proper step in the process should be.

For the first time (uh-oh), I want to avoid games and let, simply, this quite timely, interesting, full-of-fear-full-of-excitement romantic situation develop.

That’s right, no more games: if I get a text and just so happen to be by my phone, I’m going to boldly answer immediately. If I want to actually get the individual butter croissant without ham instead of sharing the ham croissant, I may actually just do it. And of course, if I want to take out my contacts without a mirror or solution (“this is me at my most vulnerable” — authentic quote), then I will follow Phil Knight’s advice in Shoe Dog to just do it.

Get your popcorn ready. Stay tuned for more.

(oh yeah, and I’m semi-funemployed with a diminishing bank account trying to build a startup and find a J-O-B— so, yes, it’s #yolo mode).

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