Back In The Game

I’ll be posting more updates on my newfound journey to find romance, or sex, or companionship, maybe even a new job? Okay, no clue what I’m actually looking for, but I’ll keep you updated along the way.


Alright, fam, it’s been a minute. Or two, or three, or seven minutes in heaven?! Seriously though, as any neurotic ADD 25-year old, I’ve been all over the map lately. Mostly positive, with the exception of undocumented dating fails, career tripping, and other misadventures along the way.

When I first started on this blogging journey, I was legitimately looking for love — fed up with the countless first dates that went nowhere aside from the occasional second-base & equally fed up with the pregames that often led to a first date that went nowhere. I was so fed up, in fact, I decided to change up my process — namely, broadcasting my dates with a hip new social media tool.

After that traumatic experience, I met someone (yippee!) who for all intensive purposes led to more positives than negatives — most notably, the upgrade from a full to a queen bed. We dated on/off for a little over a year…until it recently went from “okay, the sex is worth the instability” to “okay, the sex is not 100000000% not worth the instability.”

Sooooooo, after all of that, here I am, back in the game. Today, when you’re back in the game, it basically means downloading/deleting/re-downloading dating apps weekly, cherishing the first number you inadverdently acquired before she hopped in the Uber moments later & attempting to corner the one girl at the pregame without a boyfriend (usually followed by three buddies attempting a similar feat).

Speaking of these buddies, it’s important to note Single HF 3.0 is no longer without a wingman. As some of my closest friends are experiencing, apparently at 25–26 you have two options with a significant other, break up or get engaged. What happened to the gray area?

…stay tuned…

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