The Bank Account Dilemma

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That’s my hand.

My bank account isn’t the sexiest of late, and even though I know why (short-term salary sacrifices for long-term growth), it still is a rather hideous site. Okay, not hideous, but far from Napa Wine Club membership. Yikes, that’s such a ridiculous California thing to say.

Point is, I usually don’t get discouraged about the old bank account. I can still maintain my apt in San Francisco (somehow, someway), pay for one round for the table (as long as they’re are five or less people), and occasionally buy a new sweater I may wear twice. These are all dandy, and I’m grateful for each. Where the poop hits the fan at this stage is when the trip ideas start coming into the group threads. New Orleans for Mardi Gras? “Down.” Seattle-Vancouver? “Legggo.” Coachella? “YAS.” Italy? “Why not?” and so and so forth. Our initial response is almost turnt all the time. We’re fired up. What kind of crazed not-living-life-to-the-fullest-not-heeding-drake’s-words kinda person would say no to such glorious ideas?

Well, unfortunately, that fired up response, for many, leads to a two-week later (yes, we pushed off some answers) response of “Wait, how much is this going to cost?” And this inevitably leads to your 😳 or 😔. Yep, “this is brutal” may also find its way into the conversation.

For better or worse, we are not at the peaks of our careers (unless you’re a professional athlete — seriously is there any other profession where it’s universally known to peak in your 20’s). This mountain will certainly have peaks (that nice bonus), but we’re not at the peak. So we must, well, sacrifice. Contrary to popular belief, we shouldn’t spend like we’re at the peak, when we’re not. We need to save, conserve, hustle, etc, etc.

BUT wait, what about FOMO?

What about our 30 year-old friend telling us how badly he wants to be back in our shoes?

What about the unfortunate futuristic sight of us looking back on what we DID NOT do but SHOULD HAVE (the most blasphemous words in the English language)?

I definitely don’t have all of the remedies, yet…What I try to remind myself is that FOMO leads to actual Fear. I’ve never seen a positive result from FOMO, so let’s immediately scratch that.

As for not missing out on anything, well, that’s up to your subsconscious (yes, our conscious will still second-guess everything). Don’t drop 2K going to EDC despite never having gone to a music festival, when your infatuation with Thai food and recent Thailand Kayak search prove you’d better spend your money on that SouthEast Asia trip.

It ain’t fun, easy, and certainly not winning over dates when your bank account lacks a few of the 0’s you’ve dreamt about (And on the left side of the decimal). But if you’re smart, go on four Bumble dates per month instead of eight, take a layover to Mexico instead of nonstop, and buy a Groupon massage instead of the hot-shot Ritz Carlton you snuck into — you will get through it and get to that GREEN CHEDDA MONEY CASH before you know it…

Still too many all caps…

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