Stay Mindful in The Current Political Climate

The Morning Bun: Quick blurbs with a fresh take on our young professional lives that we would probably share over mimosas…if it were not a weekday.

SF needs better beaches.

It’s a mess out there right now. A complete bloodbath on everything we value and as a result, our sanity is at risk. Besides our sanity, how about our time? It’s so easy to read every cringeworthy article, watch the horrible press conferences, and follow every Tweetstorm. It’s important to stay cognizant of the news, absolutely. Get involved, without a doubt. But, we also need to maintain our sanity or we’re going to lose all ability to function in the Resistance.

I think many of us are still figuring out our place within the Resistance, how to make sense of all of it, and what time of night to log off social media. To lighten the burden, we need to remember that we, Millennials, are used to craziness in our personal lives, I mean, it took an hour to figure out our brunch spot last week! As such, the best way we deal with that craziness is a somewhat similar to the method to handle this craziness: mindfulness. That’s right, mindfulness. Mindfulness will help us stay sane and alert. It will allow us to stay aware, yet avoid spiraling out of control. Most importantly, it will get us off Twitter.

Don’t think too many of you are in the mood for a lengthy morning bun, so I thought I’d just list them off (maybe, just maybe you could fill in the blank with keys I missed). The following are fool proof ya’ll and in no particular order:

  • Write in a grateful diary
  • Fall in love
  • Download the app Freedom
  • Get involved in your community
  • Have sex
  • Practice yoga
  • Meditate (Calm over Headspace)
  • Laugh until you cry
  • Do improv
  • Read a fantasy novel
  • Watch HBO’s Entourage
  • Go on long runs by the beach
  • Spend more time with friends & family.
  • ____________

Phew, it was therapeutic just listing off the therapeutically mindful ways to stay sane in Trump’s America. We can do this, fam, but it ain’t going to be easy. We’ll grin, pull our hair out, argue with coworkers for no reason, lose hope, lose even more hope and find immense confusion at every personal & macro level. By practicing mindfulness through your own formula, you can ease that sour burden just a twang.

Just a twang…

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