Wait, how many years of experience?

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Not me.

One of the most frustrating parts of life is the clear contrast between what is attainable via instant gratification, and what is not. One side, we can get music, Netflix, and a cute date at the touch of button. Boom. Voila. Minutes, even seconds, and we’re in.

Unfortunately, this approach does not apply to two rather big parts of our lives: building both relationships and your career (highly recommend Simon Sinek’s latest talk where he takes us through this trek). For this bad boy mini-post, let’s talk about the latter.

It is my (admittedly stubborn) belief that many fields are far from rocket science. Rocket science is certainly rocket science, but for many, especially in the constantly changing digital world, experience matters less and less. It’s so so so so so incredibly frustrating when you see the work, recognize the work, and think you can do the work (yes, this is THE most cliche overzealous Millennial belief, but yes, it needs to be said). Fundamental problem with this belief is that not too many current employers agree with it.

There is a common hard threshold for X+ number of years with the qualitative takeaways from those X number of years. Now, this is not ideal for many of us, I think for now we have to soak it in.

While thinking about how to expedite the learning significantly, I thought of a question that we can ask mentors or leaders or managers in your field. I think:

What parts of your X+ years of experience are most necessary to your position today?

It can be the general gist of this, but basically we’re trying to figure out which parts of this particular industry or job you must learn while getting tangible experience. The beauty of this answer is you can either 1) get those years of experience to learn Y or 2) focus everything you have on learning Y because you just found out what Y is.

It’s a win-win…

Now, back to my emoji game…

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