New Year, New Goals — Basic, I Know

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My other favorite goal.

I could not be more fired up about this year. The year I pass the midpoint year in my 20’s. The year I continue my endless search for true romance. The year I possibly gain five or six new followers. It’s going to be a year, a big one, and I’m ready.

Thought it only made sense to go over my strategy for making it a big year: goals. Wow, I hate writing the word “goals,” it’s ridiculously cliche, and even though I like most cliche’s, this one I could do without. With that said, goals still matter. Endless studies prove that folks who have goals do better than those without them, and even those who write down their goals do better than just thinking about them. They matter (ugh).

While everyone may have their own unique formula for goal-setting (by all means, if it works, stick to it), I thought I’d briefly go over mine. I try to categorize my different goals into buckets: Career, Side Hustle, Health & wellness, and Citizen. All of which promoting a different lenses of which to view my life and the things I want (by “Citizen,” I’m referring to organizing networking events, exploring new neighborhoods in San Francisco, subscribing to one new newsletter — miscellaneously helpful). Under each “category,” I’ll usually write a mission statement highlighting what I want to achieve, followed by a short sentence on why I want to achieve it (you’d be surprised at the importance of why), and then bullets on how to get there. For instance:

I want to develop better mindfulness and live in the moment more often.

  • When I live in the moment, I’m healthier, happier, and don’t stress myself out to oblivion.
  1. Write in my grateful diary and journal nightly
  2. Meditate every morning
  3. Proactively focus

etc, etc.

That’s the general framework. Like any young adult without a printer, I’ll swipe the codes at work and print it there to stick it on my wall at home. This year, I hope to at least take a glance at the holy grail once a day — otherwise, I’d probably forget.

Some of my goals are incredibly real and important (test new skills at work), while others complement the core nicely (i.e. watch a new documentary monthly, floss daily, etc). No matter what level of importance, I want to achieve them. All of them.

Now, to close, as I age (twenty-five, ya’ll), I am starting to realize by far the biggest barrier to success is yourself. It’s not having the conviction, the work ethic, or the drive to bring everything together. It’s a different kind of battle against yourself, but it is winnable. People have done it before. So will you?

Let’s get it.

(ugh, sorry for the motivational mumbo-jumbo at the end, I’m sure you’re sick of blog posts like that to start the new year — I just couldn’t help myself)

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