Season of Giving

The Morning Bun: Quick blurbs with a fresh take on our Yuppie lives that we would probably share over mimosas…if it were not a weekday.

Tis the season. Growing up, we clearly knew what that meant. Join our parents at the church, synagogue, maybe our youth group for ye’ old charity work. Humbling, meaningful, impactful — it helped carve us into the well-rounded mannered young adults we are today. As these supposed “adults,” we’re left on our own for most of our daily lives. Book the dentist appointment, buy the new toothbrush, google proper ways to floss — all solo activities and those are just for our teeth. Bringing into the mix “giving back,” it’s easy to just let it sail away.

I recently went to a toy drive for comedy night and we had the option pay $10 at the door for cover or go to a toy shop and I buy a toy for the youngin’s. We chose the latter and I ended up buying this really cool steering wheel (I partly wanted it myself) for charity. Dropping into the bucket, I felt a helluva better about myself than the $10 cover to the coarse, overweight bouncer.

We don’t have to give back. We really don’t. Our day-to-day lives already have endless stresses. We’re trying to lose weight, desperately looking for a new job, a beau, etc, etc. Those are in of itself personal concerns, but once in awhile, at least during the holidays, it’s important to put all of that aside and give back. If there is anything my grateful diary has proven to me, it’s that I have a TON to be thankful for, and most of these “problems” I deal with are barely serious issues. Food, toys, a warm home, friends are by no means a given for many.

It’s my personal goal to become more selfless (not waiting until January 1st, might as well start now). Yes, I have my personal goals, but often I can lose sight of the bigger picture and the people I’m trying to help with these goals. By helping, giving, volunteering, advising, I’m doing for reasons bigger than myself. Folks out there need our help. Whether it’s love, a self-deprecating joke about dating, a toy, a rose, time, money, there are endless ways to help. Find yours and do it…

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