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The Morning Bun: Quick blurbs with a fresh take on our Yuppie lives that we would probably share over mimosas…if it were not a weekday.

Not me, but kind of looks like me, amiright?!

The past 24 hours have been gnarly. On the personal side, yoga, haircut, and I even flossed twice! On the professional side, wowza. Podcast episode, new work project, unbelievable dinner with a mentor, the list goes on and on. I feel so inspired right now, I’m ready to turn up pre-2017. Are you?

I’ve been hearing a lot of “I can’t wait for 2017 to start so I can do X.” This pisses me off. Why can’t it be tomorrow? Actually, not tomorrow, today, or better yet, right now.

I fall into this trap often myself. I start projects, but don’t finish. I get fired up, then down two hours later. I watch the Eagles start off 3–0, then lose nine straight. I tell myself wait two weeks for the email, then never do it. I want to send the 😍 emoji in the next text, but wait ten texts later.

When folks say “2016 was so bad, I just have to wait until 2017 to get things going,” I get somewhat annoyed. First of all, the “worst year ever” is a media myth used to drive ratings, and of course, ad revenue. Yes, there were more pronounced unfortunate world events this year, but for the most part, every year in history has had their fair share of them. Second, in terms of our personal lives, it’s important to stay cognizant of the news, but not to let it consume our lives and our personal goals. Control what you can control, my friends.

We can all take ownership starting now. Read that book you have been trying to for awhile, invite that friend you’ve always secretly had a crush on to #brunch (just you two), email that VP to get coffee. Just fucking do it.

I’ve realized that once I stopped talking, and started doing, not only could I go to sleep happier, healthier, calmer, I feel more confident in the long-term outcome of the labor. Let’s go, fam.

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