Why Relationships Are So Different

The Morning Bun: Quick blurbs with a fresh take on our Yuppie lives that we would probably share over mimosas…if it were not a weekday.


So, I’m in a relationship and it’s crazy. Okay, it’s not actually crazy, I’m just naturally overdramatic, but it certainly is different from the all familiar single life days I’ve become so accustomed to over the years. Instead of the nights dropping stacks at the bar to no avail, I’m now standing on tables singing any number of verses from Justin Bieber’s “Purpose.” Instead of waking up and grabbing a granola bar on weekend mornings, I’ve explored an entirely new sect of local “brunch” spots (meta, I know). The list goes on and on…

Relationships are just…different. I was searching for why when it hit me. First, different from friendships which gradually build over years and years of memories, fluctuating along the way, relationships ramp up fast. Friends of mine for over 10 years barely have access to the type of inside information that special one gains access to within a few months. You are literally sharing your life with someone and that’s perrrrrty cray.

With that said, while friendships are completely in the open, the crux of most relationships is behind closed doors, over the bridge, through the woods, to g…wait, wrong verse. The point is there is no formula for relationships: “okay, you need to get drinks 2x, dinner 4x, meet her friends 3x, and then take 2x weekly adventures before you’re ready.” That does not exist. Everyone has a different path both leading up to a relationship and whilst in the actual relationship. When I become friends with someone, we take a shot at the bar together, or I shoot him a funny “DaQuan” Instagram video. Boom. Over. Friendship. Relationships are much more complicated…

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