25 — Is it still cool?

The Morning Bun: Quick blurbs with a fresh take on our Yuppie lives that we would probably share over mimosas…if it were not a weekday.

Birthday colors.

So I’m 25. I just left the age of 24, and now I’m 25. Wait, did I mention I’m 25? Well, I am and I’m not quite sure exactly what that’s supposed to mean.

My “defining decade,” according to Meg Jay, is 50% over. Ouch. Well, maybe not a full ouch because I’m certainly proud of everything I’ve done & learned in the first half. I graduated college, moved to California (hey SF), developed UNREAL friendships, embarked on (cough cough) four jobs, rage-quit one, re-engaged my passion for media, and joined soccer teams, alumni clubs, Improv communities. Oh yeah, I also dated, and dated some more culminating in an actual present-day Millennial relationship (more on this later)!

So yeah, a lot happened! I’m proud of the past, but I can’t get hung up on it. I’m staring at point blank range at the second half of my twenties. What does that mean?

Well, for one thing, I reckon I have about three ages left where it’s still super cool to be that age. 25, 26, 27 all have a special ring to it. 28 and 29 (I also reckon) are like waiting in the doctor’s office — you just want this appointment — age 30 — to get here already. Okay, a little overdramatic, but I’d be naive to say the twentysomething ticking clock is not ringing louder.

Now, I’ve always felt every part of my life will be the best for different reasons — high school, college, early post grad life. No era is better or worse than the other, they’re just different. With that said, there is something about being in your 20’s (boozy brunch is 20% of it) that matters…

Now, when 30 gets here, what will 25–30 look like in on paper? Well, I could get into specifics, but what would you do without all of my Millennial cliches if I went that way?! As my old JCC basketball coach (hey Dad) used to say, “leave it all out on the floor.” So that’s what I plan on doing over the next few years, both personally and professionally. I want to keep taking risks, keep pushing outside my comfort zones, and of course, use a wider variety of Emojis. Yes, I’ve already had my fair share of absurd moments (see live dating), but I honestly hope there are many more, equally absurd experiences to come…if anything, to make things interesting 🙂

Still, this leads to my ultimate challenge in the second half of this decade, balancing this risk-taking “classic Yuppie” idealism with the pragmatic attitude of a bill-paying, benefit-seeking young adult. Finding that critical halfway mark will be key, and it may take an even bigger risk to get there. Oh yeah, one other challenge, stop overthinking. Please, for the life of me, stop overthinking everything. We shall see how that works out..

Regardless, when those pressures fluctuate, the stresses emerge, and the gray hairs appear, I’ll always repeat to myself:

I have great people in my life, I have great people in my life, I have great people in my life.

…Because those great people, those special relationships, those cherished memories will always matter most in the end…

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