Early NYC Observations

Breaking down early observations of New York City


I have had “write a blog post” on my to-do list for three months and guess what happened? Well, I never wrote a blog post. You know why? I thought (and my ego accentuated) that my early writing success made it mandatory for every post I write to be this big shabang, an enchilada of a home-run creation. Problem: this never-ending search for perfection, completed tasks, and ruling the blogging game led to absolutely nothing getting done…

Which brings me to the new mindset with writing: write when I have something to say, at that moment I want to say it and don’t think twice before doing so. “Write a blog post” inherently should never be on a to-do list. It should be natural, consistent, and provide the creative venting missing from my life over the past few months (moving to NYC from SF has been trying, but by no means, a worth excuse of not doing anything).

Topics will continue to be dating, neuroticism-centric, but will probably include odes to the latest art gallery showing I hit up in Chelsea (shout out to the See Saw app for helping me find out where to go), the Brooklyn Bagel I try on this particular Sunday (next up is the Pumperknickel everything), and just how much better the West side of NYC is to the East.

Though I personally am in a relationship (the dope AF LDR mentioned here), I’ll continue to explore the culture around dating in NYC, my new home. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be the first to know the details about the upcoming comedy show I’m producing with an emerging comedian about the first-date experience (hint: venue in Tribeca is locked in).

Let’s rock & roll with these quick observations about the BIG APPLE:

Relationships escalate faster here.

Summers are for engagements and leaving NYC.

Everyone single is still on a dating app.

Dating in each borough is extremely different.

New York and San Francisco might as well be in separate countries — the cultures are that different.

People work much harder here than the Bay.

NYC restaurants are for couples. They look so cool, yet so-well-made-for-IG.

Instagram is life to these people. (my off-on self-enforced IG ban is going swimmingly in case you were wondering…okay, can you still follow me @htforman)

My single friends are 10 years away from marriage and my non-single friends are any day now getting wedding dates. The gap is real.

Edge may be harder to come by in NYC, but the ones who have it, are the edgiest.

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