Staying in on a Friday

The Morning Bun: Quick blurbs with a fresh take on our Yuppie lives that we would probably share over mimosas…if it were not a weekday.

This is the equivalent of seeing a Baby-Boomer taking shots on a Wednesday afternoon. This is like seeing our Grandparents break it down on the dance floor. When Millennials send the “I’m sorry dude, I’m crashing” text on a Friday night, the alarms go off. Internally, we give ourselves too much FOMO, and externally, they HAVE to be judging us. Right? I mean we have two nights a week where we don’t have to wake up in the AM for our desk jobs, you might as well partay!!! Look, don’t get me wrong, I love a night out on the town. I love it for the overpriced cocktails, I love it for the underpriced (relatively) red bull vodkas, and I even love it for the often grimy dance floors, and of course I love it for my friends I text way too often during a given workday, but only see them on the given weekend. That’s why I love it.

So with that said, why stay in? Well, I’m biased because I’m writing this as I stay home on a Friday night, but I truly think we all need a night off. The routines (sadly including bar nights) get TIRING. Our bodies need rest, our liver needs rest, our wallets definitely need rest, and our sanity might need the most rest of all. I think far too many of us are afraid to turn down that pregame, or to not look at our friends’ Snapchat Stories, or even to (gasp) figure out a stay-in activity.

A Friday night off with friends are some of my FAVORITE Yuppie nights. Cue up the Netflix, add in some “Chill,” prepare the popcorn, reopen my favorite book, throw on those Greek life sweats, light the incense, unbox Settlers of Catan, try some Improv, play Frank Ocean (if a “more than a friend is involved”), and enjoy the adventure.

A Friday off is sometimes what we need, the best way to realize a good Millennial deed.

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