Funemployment — A Deep Analysis

Ah, my latest episode of “funemployment” was one for the ages. Despite my daily to-do item with the words “blog post,” naturally, I waited to complete said post until funemployment came to a close. Brutal. Let me backtrack a second for those boomers or loyal Millennials (apparently they exist) unsure exactly what funemployment is. Well, it’sContinue reading “Funemployment — A Deep Analysis”

The State of the Millennial Trek

Life be cray. As I write this during the return leg of a whirlwind mini-vacation (or as I like to call it, PTO-improvised) trip to Europe, two thoughts are running through my mind: I finally understand the whole travel bug and I can’t believe the Virgin Atlantic flight attendant just gave me a second pasty post-schmoozing.Continue reading “The State of the Millennial Trek”