Funemployment — Revisited

Ah, my latest episode of “funemployment” was one for the ages. Despite my daily to-do item with the words “blog post,” naturally, I waited to complete said post until funemployment came to a close. Brutal. Let me backtrack a second for those boomers or loyal Millennials (apparently they exist) unsure exactly what funemployment is. Well, it’sContinue reading “Funemployment — Revisited”

Why my four w-2’s from 2015 won’t be a big deal…

For those who have yet to embark on this magical experience we call paying taxes, four W-2 forms meant that I glistened four separate employers with my employment presence during the year of 2015. When I started pit stop #4 (current stop as well)… Read the rest of this post on Brunch Media’s website, rightContinue reading “Why my four w-2’s from 2015 won’t be a big deal…”