The Generation Gap Is In Our Backyard

The Morning Bun: Quick blurbs with a fresh take on our Yuppie lives that we would probably share over mimosas…if it were not a weekday.


It’s no secret, there are huge divides in our world today. Rural vs. Urban, Rich vs. Poor, Tinder vs. Bumble users, Uber vs. Uber pool, etc, etc.

One oft sighted example is the clear generational gap between Millennials and our predecessors who care SO much about our well-being & planet (too dramatic this early, I know). Don’t believe me? Recall the latest time your friend’s pregame ended early because of noise complaints. See what I mean…

Sure, our parents are slowly getting onto Social Media, and definitely, we are paying our bills like normal adults, we are still very far away.

In my humble abode in San Francisco, we have a neighbor for all neighbors. Pleasant woman, mother, consultant, all of which pale in comparison to her role as head of the Housing Authority. Seriously, it’s like Dolores Umbridge gaining a power trip as the Chef at Hogwarts, let alone Headmaster.

Now, we’ve battled throughout the 1.5 years in our lovely home of Yuppies coming in and out (so far, seven separate people have lived here, and at least 50 have crashed). Lights put up on our deck? A paragraph rebuttal. One box left next to the trash can for 15 minutes? An essay rebuttal. No carpet on our floor? A home visit. A RAGING pregame? A threat to call the landlord AKA the apocalypse.

Now, as renters, we’ve been relatively powerless the entire time. We opted not to fight back when the kids sprint up and down the hallway above us often mistaken for an actual earthquake. We opted not to fight back when our side alleyway (our property) was amok with their trash. We said NO, we won’t fight.

With only a few months left on the lease (Yes, we’re likely leaving our current imprisonment leaving a bag of tears in our stead…kidding?), what are a couple “work hard, play hard” Millennials to do? Do we passive aggressively reply to the texts? Do we go “stealth mode” and not respond?


…and this is crazy, do we start tackling the discourse dividing our lifestyles, beliefs, and most importantly, our equally cherished city of San Francisco by getting involved, encouraging dialogue, and developing empathy? This option won’t have the short term benefits of a laughing GIF from friends. It will be hard, arduous, and MAY provide some benefit long-term.

I’ll be the first to admit I am not the type of person in a favor of this type of process. Where are the quick wins?! As the dire state of the world is signaling to us, we all need to DIG deep for the long-term changes we want in the world…and stop swiping right or left for instant solutions.

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