Voting is seriously so much fun.

The Morning Bun: Quick blurbs with a fresh take on our Yuppie lives that we would probably share over mimosas…if it were not a weekday.

Not to hammer home the message of voting this year (let’s thank every single app, celebrity for the less subtle cues to vote), but I just voted and hope all of you #Millennials do the same. Yes, it took some effort for my away ballot (by effort, I mean sending a letter requesting the right for an Absentee ballot, and then mailing said Absentee ballot back to my home state, so yes, “effort” here is a first world problem) and yes, it would be SO much easier if we could all just vote via Snapchat or Instagram DM.

For now, it’s a simple message my slowly but surely rising contingent of readers: you just have to vote. If you forgot to mail in an absentee ballot, spend the extra hour you’re probably on social media anyway to go to the polls and vote. Tomorrow is quite possibly the most consequential day in our American Yuppie lives. There are SO many issues that affect our generation directly be it women’s rights, climate change, student loan debt and all of the topics that were probably NOT brought up during the debates.

Sitting on the sidelines will not only be a grave injustice, but flat out embarrassing. Now, I’m not threatening to publish online the list of my Facebook friends who did not vote (yes, this is public record so I could theoretically do this), but I will be disappointed. Turnout amongst Millennials is the reason why Brexit passed (even though every economist said it was GB’s worst possible move) and it better not be the reason ______ wins…(if you know anything about my values, you can guess who is going in the ______ space).

Bottom line, Voting is actually really cool, will give you credibility for a well-liked Facebook status, AND will help you earn brownie points with that special Bumble date, and as #Millennials, that should be more than enough reason to get out there.

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